Why You Need an Attorney After a Bicycle Accident

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  1. The Potential Dangers of Bike Accidents
  2. Why You Need a Bicycle Accident Attorney
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More people are using bicycles in Athens, Georgia, than ever before. After all, it’s a great way to get a fun workout, clear your mind, and avoid that messy rush hour traffic. 

Also, many roads around town now have designated bike lanes, which help you avoid crashing into pedestrians or automobiles. As more people ditch their cars to use their bikes to get around town, traffic congestion is reduced, as well as fuel consumption, which helps keep the air in our city cleaner.  

As you can see, there are numerous benefits that riding a bicycle can provide to you as an individual as well as to your local community. However, there are inherent dangers when riding your bike such as dangers of bicycle accidents.

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The Potential Dangers of Bike Accidents 

Despite the numerous benefits that bike riding can provide, there’s no escaping the reality that cyclists are more vulnerable to accidents. They lack the protection that cars and trucks provide, so the potential for severe and even fatal injuries is increased significantly. 

Aside from the physical injury aspect, you also have to consider the damages done to your bike as well. With the rise in popularity with bicycles, the prices have risen considerably as well. If your bike has been damaged in the accident, it can be costly to replace. The property damage isn’t just related to your bicycle. It also includes any gear and personal property you were carrying with you at the time of the accident. While most people don’t think of the property damage done in a bike accident, it can be quite high.

Why You Need a Bicycle Accident Attorney

On the surface, a bicycle injury claim may not seem all that complex. You may even be tempted to handle the case yourself. After all, a bike accident should be reasonably easy to understand: the other side was negligent, and you’re due compensation money to replace the damaged property and to cover any injuries you sustained.  

The benefits that bicycle accident attorneys can provide:

  • Professional experience negotiating with insurance companies:
    If you decide to handle your bicycle accident claim, you will have to negotiate with the insurance companies involved. This is not something that the average person has experience with. Attorneys, however, are in contact with insurance companies daily as part of their work. They are familiar with the negotiating tactics that insurance companies use and are comfortable dealing with them. If an insurance company takes a hard stance with the average person, he or she will typically give in and accept the offer. Your attorney will know how to respond and to fight back to make sure that the compensation you deserve is awarded.
  • Bicycle attorneys fight for the compensation you are owed:
    Most insurance companies will try to underestimate your insurance claims. Unless you have years of experience in dealing with them, you will likely be taken advantage of and fall for their clever tricks. That’s why having an attorney can help make sure that you are compensated fairly. The bicycle accident attorney will be able to guide you to make sure the proper steps are taken. Your attorney will make sure that you document any time that you have missed from work, and any future time that may be missed due to your injuries. The cost of your medical care as well needs to be documented, and if it’s a longterm injury, future care needs to be accounted for. The attorney will also make sure that the property damage is taken into account when calculating your settlement. All of these things an experienced attorney will be able to help guide you in collecting so that the insurance companies give you the compensation that you deserve.
  • Timing is everything:
    When fighting for a bicycle accident claim, the longer you wait to hire an attorney, the less your settlement can be. Insurance companies will argue that the gap between the accident and the claim is when the injury occurred. They will say that your injury wasn’t a result of the accident, because you waited to file the claim it could’ve happened in that period of time.  This is why getting to a bicycle accident attorney can help you. They can start the process right away as you are recovering from your injuries. 

Contact a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Handling a bicycle accident claim on your own seems like it would be cut and dry, but often it is not. That is why you need an experienced bicycle accident attorneys like the ones at The Brown Firm in Athens, Georgia.  

The Brown Firm does not charge any up-front fees to begin legal work. All of the attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, and this means they only get paid when you receive a settlement from the other parties’ insurance company. 

Don’t take time out of your recovery from your bicycle accident to fight this on your own. Contact the Bicycle Accident Attorneys of the Brown Firm  by calling (912) 324-5279 for a Free Consultation to discuss the nature of your case or click the link below and let us fight for you. 

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