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Truck Accident Kills Man In Gwinnett County

by The Brown Firm / June 27, 2016

Moving Truck Accident Causes a Young Man's Death 

Commercial trucks such as tractor trailers can cause serious and lethal accidents due to their large size. This statement was proven true when a 29-year-old man was killed after being run over by a pickup truck and U-haul trailer in Gwinnett County Georgia.

The victim and his mother had just moved to Gwinnett County from Louisiana, and all of the possessions were inside the truck and U-Haul at the time of the tragic truck accident. 

Witnesses stated that the victim's mother was behind the driver seat of the truck when the accident occurred. The witnesses were inside of their apartment when they heard a loud crash that they first thought was dishes crashing, only to find a truck smashed through the wall of the apartment below them. They had to climb over the banister and onto the vehicle to come down from the top floor. Truck Accident Attorneys In Gwinnett County, Georgia

The witnesses heard a woman screaming hysterically that she had just run over her son. The police stated that the woman's son had been watching his mother move the truck when he was struck and killed. Investigators are calling the incident an unfortunate accident and have not at this time filed any charges against the victims mother. 

Detectives are looking into the accident and will inspect the truck and trailer involved to see if there was anything mechanically wrong with the vehicle that could have caused the accident. 

Why You Should Hire A Truck Accident Attorney 

Being involved in a truck accident can cause serious injury or even death. If you believe your accident was caused due to another's negligence or an improperly maintained vehicle, you may have the legal right to obtain compensation for your injuries and losses. 

The Brown Firm has a team of Atlanta Truck Accident Injury Lawyers who have the experience necessary to represent and fight for your legal rights.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can best assist with your Truck Accident case in Atlanta Georgia.

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