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Uber is one of the most popular taxi services, conveniently accessed through customer’s smartphones. Its services have expanded to 57 countries, and it is estimated worth has erupted to more than $40 billion.

However, it has generated dispute and resistance around the world, as the company’s...

How to Stop a Fake Accident Injury Claim

Insurance fraud is a growing problem throughout the United States, and can carry serious ramifications. The worst part is perpetrators are becoming more creative and fruitful at pulling off these scams.

Some stage accidents, such as, suddenly hitting the...

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Pokemon Go: Is it safe to play? 

Almost as soon as it’s been released into the public eye, Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game that is played on smartphones, also began influencing real life. Even if you are a critic of these “pocket monsters,” you will still likely encounter the mania all...


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