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What You Need to Know About Your Workers' Compensation Case in Georgia

by The Brown Firm / September 7, 2017

When you become injured on-the-job or develop an illness because of your work, Workers' Compensation is supposed to cover your medical expenses and any days of work that you had to miss as a result of the accident.  

What you should know about your workers comp case in Georgia

Most employers have to buy worker's compensation insurance. To be covered by workers' comp, you must be an employee, injured while performing your job, or suffered an illness from your work environment. 

If you become injured at work, there are several things you should know about your worker's compensation case. Check them out below.

1. Report any Injury or Illness to your Employer 

If you believe you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of your job, it is crucial to report it to your employer sooner rather than later. 

If possible, you should fill out an incident report immediately following your accident so the appropriate actions can be taken for moving forward with your workers' compensation case. 

2. Seek Medical Treatment 

If your injury is an emergency, the ambulance will take you to the nearest medical facility. However, in a non-emergency situation, you may be given a list of particular clinics, hospitals, or doctors that you are allowed to see. 

It is important to go where your employer tells you. If you go somewhere that is not approved by your employer you will run the risk of not having your medical expenses covered by workers' comp insurance. 

3. Keep Proper Documentation 

When you are completing paperwork at a medical facility, it is important to explain that Key Facts about Workers Compensation in Georgiathe injury occurred at work. If you fail to do this, your medical bills will be sent to you instead of the workers' comp insurance or your employer. 

You may have the option to choose your own doctor. However, you will still need to make sure they are approved to make workers' compensation claims and agree to the workers' comp payment schedule. 

When speaking with the medical provider, make sure your records state the history and circumstances surrounding the injury or illness. Having proper documentation of your injuries is crucial to a workers' compensation case. 

4. Contact The Brown Firm 

If you are injured at work, handling a workers' compensation case without the help of an attorney can be a complicated task to complete. 

Understanding your legal rights and Georgia's Workers' Compensation system can be confusing if you are not familiar with the laws. 

The Brown Firm Attorneys specialize in representing work injury victims and have the skills and experience to make sure you receive the right amount of compensation. Best Workers' Compensation Attorney in Georgia

When you become injured on the job, it is important to contact a Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible to handle your case and make sure that you take the right steps to maximize your workers' compensation case. 

If you were hurt at work and need help with your Georgia Workers' Compensation Case, do not hesitate to contact The Brown Firm Attorneys for free legal advice. 

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