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Traffic situations are always unpredictable.

Drivers need to give their full attention to be able to make quick decisions. They have to watch the road and other cars while maintaining control of their vehicle. However, alcohol prevents this as it affects the thoughts, actions, and feelings of a...


In 2017, distracted driving claimed 3,166 lives in the US alone. Any activity that distracts you from operating your car and takes your attention off the road is referred to as distracted driving.

While several activities can take away your focus from driving, talking and texting on phones are...


There's no industry we trust more in the entire world than the medical industry. When we go in for our annual checkups, we expect them to catch anything that's wrong.

When we aren't feeling well, we expect them to tell us what's wrong, and then fix it.

And, usually, we trust what they say.



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