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Have you recently been injured in a Car Accident in Savannah, GA and are wondering how long it will take to settle your PI claim?

It is important to remember that every case is different. Usually, insurance companies will make a lower offer to the compensation demand that you and your attorney shortly after the accident. If you are content with the amount they offer, you can accept it and settle your claim quickly.

However, with the help an experience Car Accident Attorney, you could earn the maximum potential because your Brown Firm lawyer knows the ins and outs of Georgia state laws regarding car accidents.

Your case's settlement may take more or less time depending on a couple factors.

Let's take a look at these influencers below.

Your required medical treatments

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be receiving medical treatments for an extended period of time. This means that your case could take a longer time to settle.

With car accident cases, it is recommended to finish your therapies and treatments before you settle your Car Wreck case. If you wait until your are finished with all medical treatments, then your attorney can better estimate the total compensation that you are entitled to receive from your medical bills.

Your case has substantial damages involvedCar Accident Claim Help Near Me - Savannah, GA | The Brown Firm

Did your car sustain large damages from the crash? If so, your personal injury case may take longer to settle. This is because the insurance company will not want to pay a price until they see the damage and conduct any research needed.

Their research will consist of checking liability and damages for the case. In order for you to earn maximum compensation in your settlement, the insurance company must not be able to attack your credibility, see that your injuries sustained are as claimed, and just overall not have a decent case against your claim.

No matter if you are working towards a quick settlement or if you are interested in taking the time to fight for your rightful compensation, there should be no hesitation in hiring one of the knowledgeable attorneys at The Brown Firm.

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No matter how long your settlement may take, it is important to file a claim so that you can earn your rightful compensation.

At The Brown Firm, our lawyers specialize in assisting victims of automobile crashes receive the compensation that they are entitled to.

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