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Were you recently involved in a Car Accident in Savannah? Are you searching for a lawyer to represent your case in negotiations with the insurance company?

If you have not dealt with hiring a Car Accident Lawyer previously, you probably are unsure of what is best when selecting an attorney to represent you.

Take a look below for a few important things to consider when searching for an Expert Car Wreck Attorney in Savannah.

Direct Communication With You, The Client

When you hire a lawyer to assist you in your car accident case, you should look for someone who will keep an open line to you for communicating any new developments in your case. 

Your attorney should tell you what to expect at every stage of your case, preparing you for who may be contacting you and what pieces of information they will ask for. 

Experience and Expertise Representing Victims

When you are hiring someone to represent you in your car accident case, you are looking for someone who has a strong history of working with other car accident cases, and being successful with previous cases.

Your chosen Attorney should have no hesitation in telling you their record, their experience, and their plan for your specific case.

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No Hidden Fees

There should be no surprise hidden fees that come out of nowhere at the close of your case.

An attorney that operates with integrity will explain the worth of your case, an estimation of cost, and what their fees are.

There should be a written agreement specifying when you are going to be billed and why are you being billed that amount. 

WE HAVE High Ethical Standards

When dealing with strict laws, it is important to follow through with ethical codes and standards.

As a client, it is well within your right to leave any situation that leaves you feeling uneasy or uncomfortable.

During your Free Consultation with a potential lawyer, pay attention for any red flags showing unethical behaviors.

Potential red flags could be:

  • A condescending or patronizing to the conversation.
  • Low-star reviews on different sites such as Google, Foursquare, or Yelp.
  • Client files that are not put away and visible to anyone.

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If you have been injured in a car wreck through the fault of the other driver, it is important for you to seek an Experienced Attorney for legal representation.

The Brown Firm lawyers specialize in helping Car Accident Victims receive the compensation that they deserve.

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