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    What Should I Ask Before Hiring an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer?

    by Harry Brown / August 24, 2020

    Are you a victim of physical injury in a traffic accident, a work accident, a medical failure, or a criminal offense? Are you afraid that you might not get fair compensation for the injuries that you have suffered? The Brown Firm in Atlanta ensures that you get a fair and equitable settlement for any taxing damages. We strongly advise accident victims to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer.

    If you have endured a severe injury in Atlanta as a result of someone else's carelessness and fully intend to pursue those accountable, you have to consider hiring a personal injury attorney. However, there are some critical factors to acknowledge if you want to demand damages.

    With several lawyers available, it may be challenging to know who to employ. Read on to learn the questions to ask to help you find the right attorney for your personal injury case.

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    Hiring an experienced attorney after an accident in Atlanta, GA

    What Is Your Level of Knowledge and Experience With This Kind of Case? 

    Personal injury claims are attractive cases for most attorneys. For this reason, there is intense competition and extensive advertising. However, just because an attorney advertises personal injury representation doesn't mean they know how to manage your specific case. Ask for details about your lawyer's success rates and knowledge. 

    It would be best if you opted for a personal injury lawyer who has expertise in managing your type of incident. Experience means background knowledge with general legal matters as well as contacts with investigators and other specialists who can assist with your case. 

    You wouldn't buy a new vehicle without learning if it is good enough and satisfies your needs. Therefore, choosing an attorney for your injury case should be no different.

    Do You Have Time to Start My Case Right Now?

    A reputable personal injury lawyer is also a busy lawyer. Occasionally, personal injury attorneys take lawsuits and fail to deal with them for an extended period of time before filing a complaint. This is why you should ask the lawyer how many cases they are handling, and how much time they have for your situation.

    What Is Your Contingency Fee?

    Personal injury lawsuits usually operate on a contingency basis. The lawyer receives a negotiable fee of between 25% and 40% of the settlement. The contingency fee policy specifies that no legal costs should be paid until there is compensation.

    Working on a contingency fee basis is very advantageous to personal injury victims because they can be confident that their lawyers should do everything in their power to increase their reimbursement for them.

    At the Brown Firm in Atlanta, if you have a good case, you can find a professional personal injury attorney to work on contingency. You should keep in mind that the more critical the damage, the more you can negotiate the amount of settlement. You can call for a free consultation to learn more about the law firm and how the injury lawyers can help you and your case.

    collecting evidence after a personal injury accident in atlanta

    How Soon Should My Claim Be Filed? 

    You should ask for dates and give them a time limit. Most attorneys can delay as long as possible when registering the claim. For some instances, this not only increases advanced expenses but also helps the lawyer to build a profound list of potential research. The sooner you file, the better. 

    What Is My Case Worth?

    If your attorney has the experience, they can give you a better estimate. This may include a wide range of responsibilities, findings, health conditions, and other considerations, but the lawyer should have a number in his or her mind. Not only should they be able to tell you an estimated value of your case, but they should also explain the unknowns.

    Although personal injury cases are all different, what you can be compensated for is the same. After an accident, you can be compensated for property damage, lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Often Should I Receive Updates About the Status of My Case?

    The attorney should be willing to inform you how their department manages the case from start to finish. They should be ready to clarify to you the life-cycle of your claim and who should be working on your case at different stages. When you choose an excellent personal injury lawyer, they will want to create a positive attorney-client relationship and keep you up to date on your case.

    Do I Have Any Responsibilities While You Work on My Case?


    Apart from maintaining your doctor's meetings and following their directions concerning your treatment, you should be doing very little work for your case. 

    You hire a law firm to work for you, not the other way around, so if a lawyer presents you a long to-do list, be suspicious.

    Do You Work With Experts and Professionals That Can Strengthen My Case?

    Personal injury lawsuits involving severe injuries may sometimes include expert evidence from professionals in a number of disciplines, namely medicine, injury recovery, cost assessment, etc. At the Brown Firm in Atlanta, we have an excellent working partnership with advisors of all kinds.

    How long will it take to receive a settlement?

    Every case is different and can take a different amount of time. There are several factors that can influence how long your case may take such as the severity of the accident. If your accident was severe and there were major injuries, it may take much longer than if it was a minor accident. It will also take much longer if your case needs to go to court because a settlement can't be reached outside of court. Call a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation and get the information and legal advice you need to learn more about your case and what to expect.


    The Bottom Line

    The Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys at The Brown Firm are present at all stages of the compensation process and assist the victim at every step of the procedure. We can assert his or her rights and thus obtain full compensation for the damage he or she suffers. Please fill out our online contact details or contact us today at 912-324-2498.  

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