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    Learn what a Personal Injury Lawyer is and 5 Top Qualities to look for

    by Harry Brown / March 10, 2020

    Article Table of Contents

    1. Why You May Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

    2. A Personal Injury Lawyer Seeks Justice Above All Else

    3. A Personal Injury Lawyer Cares About Their Clients

    4. A Personal Injury Lawyer is Knowledgeable

    5. A Personal Injury Lawyer is Thorough

    6. A Personal Injury Lawyer is Flexible

    7. Conclusion

    Why You May Need a Personal Injury Lawyer. 

    One day as you are driving home from work on I-285, traffic suddenly halts to a standstill.

    Thankfully, you were watching and had time to stop. However, the driver behind you did not. He rear ends you.

    When you wake up the following morning, you think you might have whiplash.

    You know you’ll need to visit a doctor to be sure, but how are you going to pay for it? Due to some hard times, you’ve had to drop your health insurance.

    You don’t know who to turn to and you don’t know what to do, but you do know one thing. You need help!

    You tell all this to a friend and they tell you that you need a personal injury attorney

    Questions begin to fill your mind.

    “What is a personal injury lawyer?”

    “What does a personal injury lawyer do?”

    “What makes a good personal injury lawyer?” 

    You don’t know anything about courtroom proceedings and frankly don’t even know where to begin.

    This is not an uncommon problem. There is too much inaccurate information about personal injury lawyers floating around that could undermine the good they want to perform.

    This is why The Brown Firm in Atlanta has compiled this list of five facts about what an ideal personal injury lawyer is and what a personal injury attorney will do to help you.

    P.I.L. 1

    1. A personal injury lawyer seeks justice before all else. 

    This sounds like an obvious statement, however, this is not always perceived to be the truth.

    We have all heard the largely inaccurate negative conceptions being formed about personal injury lawyers.

    A personal injury lawyer should not be primarily concerned with questions like “Will this increase my reputation?” Or “How much will I make off of this?”

    Their prime mission is to ensure that everything is legally taken care as it should be for their client.

    Like an everyday superhero, an ideal personal injury lawyer wants to make sure the innocent are defended and the guilty are held responsible for their actions.

    2. A personal injury lawyer cares about their clients.

    On the surface this statement doesn’t seem to be that different from “A person injury lawyer seeks justice above all else.”

    It is and it isn’t.

    Seeking justice does not equate to caring about clients.

    A good personal injury lawyer should be equally devoted to meeting the needs of a client as they are too ensuring that justice has been carried out.

    They can do this by understanding the specific needs of  their clients and making sure they are all being met in and out of a courtroom.

    A good personal injury lawyer should always be accessible to their client. They should keep their client in the loop of all proceedings and should be readily available to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

    A client should trust their lawyer intently and feel personally taken care of as they proceed.

    They should never feel like a number or that they are simply just another link in a chain.

    Each client should feel like a unique individual with their own problem, because they are!

    P.I.L. 2

    3. A personal injury lawyer is knowledgeable.

    Granted this should be a prerequisite for any profession, however, it is especially true for those practicing law.

    Not only does a lawyer have to complete an undergraduate degree but has to receive years of additional education in order to merely gain the right to represent someone in a court of law.

    However, college and law school are just the tip of the iceberg.

    An effective personal injury lawyer should constantly be researching and reading case studies of various trials occurring within their specific discipline.

    An ideal lawyer should be a life long student so they will constantly be in the know of how to best provide for their clients.

    4. A personal injury lawyer is thorough.

    There is rarely ever a single path to a goal. An ideal personal injury lawyer should understand this.

    As a result they should be devoted to finding out the individual best way for a client to reach their goals.

    Personal injury lawyers are often called “trial lawyers.” However, going to court is not the only option one has when it comes to personal injury proceedings.

    There are of course pros and cons to every potential courtroom procedure.

    A good personal injury attorney should take the time to investigate all possible options in order to ensure that their clients needs are taken care of in the best possible way.

    P.I.L. 3

    5. A personal injury lawyer is flexible.

    In the same vein as being thorough, a good personal injury lawyer needs to be flexible.

    Some situations arise where a lawyer has less control over how they wish to proceed and they have to be able to adapt to the changing landscape of a suit.

    Changes can come about in any myriad of ways, such as the sudden revelation of new evidence, client disagreements on how to best proceed or something as simple as a request to change court dates.

    A good lawyer should never be taken off guard but be prepared for all potential outcomes that may come about during the proceedings of a case.


    A personal injury lawyer is a much needed champion for those who are unable to provide for themselves.

    They ensure that they are taken care of by providing expertise, compassion and thoroughness.

    However, even though every personal injury lawyer should possess all the above ideals, that does not mean that they always do.

    That is why one must always take the time to find the right personal injury lawyer who will do what it takes to meet their needs.

    Here at The Brown Firm we adhere to all the above standards and are determined to do all we can in order to ensure that the needs of our clients are met, as every good professional personal injury lawyer should.

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