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    Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident in Atlanta?

    by Harry Brown / August 18, 2020

    Getting involved in a car accident in Atlanta is a scary ordeal. Nobody would want to be in such a situation. Then, after the accident, you're probably contemplating whether you should hire a personal injury attorney in Atlanta. Don't think any further!

    If you were not at fault for the accident, you may be able to handle it without hiring an attorney if it was a small fender-bender with minimal damage and no injuries. But, if you had major or even minor injuries after an accident, having an attorney to handle the other parties' insurance company may be the best way to handle the other drivers insurance company.

    The best way to assess whether you need a personal injury attorney in Atlanta is through analyzing your case goals and objectives. Before you seek out a personal injury attorney, you have to set goals and objectives. Consult the Brown Firm, and we can help you do this.

    Although Georgia doesn't require hiring a personal injury lawyer after a car accident, it is essential that you hire one to get maximum compensation. A lawyer in Atlanta greatly helps in multiple instances, such as the ones below.

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    You've Incurred Serious Injury/Induced Disability

    Sometimes, a car accident can leave you or a loved one with serious injuries or disabilities. You need a personal injury attorney to help you get you the compensation you deserve as you may need ongoing medical attention.

    If the death of a loved one occurs from a car accident due to someone's negligence or reckless behavior, you can get compensation for wrongful death.

    Many people who do not hire an attorney for their injuries end up taking the insurance companies' first offer and not getting the full compensation they deserve. This is because the insurance company may try to get you to settle for less than you deserve. You should be able to be compensated for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damages.

    The only way that you get paid for your injuries after a car accident in Atlanta is by developing a solid case that shows that the ordeal disrupted your normal life. Additionally, the case also has to prove that you are not at fault. Personal Injury attorneys specialize in car accident cases. Your car accident attorney can help you get the insurance company to pay the maximum compensation for your accident.

    The Insurance Company Doesn't Want to Pay or is Delaying Payment

    Many insurance companies in Atlanta don't uphold Uberrima Fides when dealing with clients. The insurance company takes too long to clear claims or use lengthened legal procedures to avoid paying clients. It would help if you had a personal injury attorney when dealing with insurance companies in Atlanta.

    You need a car accident attorney that helps you assess the paperwork provided by the insurance companies. Having a lawyer at hand also helps in shortening the waiting period before payout. A personal injury lawyer enables you to get what you deserve when you deserve it. Hire today!

    Multiple Parties

    Some car accidents in Atlanta involve multiple parties. Consequently, many individuals file for a claim simultaneously. Getting paid in such a scenario makes it tough, especially if you don't have a personal injury attorney in Atlanta.

    The lawyer ensures that you don't have to deal with multiple insurance companies on your own. You end up getting what you deserve because of having a skilled accident lawyer working with you.

    Overall, you need to hire a personal injury attorney after a car accident in Atlanta. The accident lawyer helps you develop a case after an accident. Our consultation services are free, and you only pay legal fees after winning a case in Atlanta.

    Ergo, you don't need to worry about insurance companies and court sessions when you have an Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm on your side.

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    Below are some of the most common questions asked after a car accident in Atlanta.

    How much does it cost to hire an attorney after a car accident?

    After a car accident, it is essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible. The type of lawyer you will hire is a Personal Injury Lawyer. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they do not charge anything upfront. You will get a free consultation, and legal fees will only be taken after you win a settlement. That means if you don't win, you don't pay! There is no risk!

    What can I be compensated for after a car accident?

    After an accident, your attorney will work with the insurance company of the at-fault driver to make sure they give you the maximum compensation that you deserve. You may be able to get compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage.

    How much is my car accident case worth?

    The value of your car accident case depends on many factors. No two accidents are the same, so it is impossible to give an exact answer to this question. The factors that are most important in deciding the compensation are:

    • Amount of Fault
    • Amount of Damage
    • Extent of Injuries
    • Amount of Insurance Coverage Available

    What should I do immediately following a car accident in Atlanta?

    The first thing you should do is make sure everyone is safe, including your passengers and the driver and passengers in the other vehicle. If there are serious injuries that need immediate medical attention, that needs to be the first priority.

    Next, the police need to be called for an official statement. Make sure to get a copy of the police report. Obtain the information from the other driver, including their personal information as well as their insurance company. If there are any witnesses, you should take their statements and get their personal information also.

    Take pictures of the accident and visible injuries.

    Next, you need a lawyer who specializes in car accidents. Call an Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm. They will set you up with a free consultation with a car accident attorney.

    Should I Accept a Settlement from The Insurance Company?

    Generally, no. Insurance companies try to settle for the least amount possible after an accident. This is why hiring an attorney after a car accident. Car Accident Lawyers are skilled in handling insurance companies.

    Depending on the details of your car accident, your attorney will be able to draft a demand letter with you that will give an accurate estimate of the total amount of compensation you are entitled to. Make the insurance company pay you the compensation you deserve after an accident by hiring the top Lawyers after a Car Accident in Atlanta at The Brown Firm.

    After a car accident in Atlanta, contact the Brown Firm for a free consultation to find how we can help you. Contact us at (404) 522-8480.

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