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    How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Get Paid in Atlanta?

    by Harry Brown / August 21, 2020

    One of the more difficult aspects of putting in a personal injury claim is the financial side of things. 

    After an accident, you’re going to find yourself paying out of pocket on account of being out of work, medical bills, and repair bills. This leaves a lot of people unsure if they should hire a personal injury attorney based on the fear of how they will have to pay for the attorney to represent their case.  

    In this blog we will help you understand:

    Luckily, how much a personal injury lawyer is going to cost you is a little different from how you are used to paying for most lawyer services. 

    You need to ask questions to find the Personal Injury Attorney that is right for you.  Call for a free consultation.

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    It’s All About the Case

    Personal injury lawyers make their money by winning cases. They work on a contingency fee basis. This means the attorney fee is a set percentage of the winnings that they are going to take as legal fees. 

    For example, if are successfully awarded a settlement for $100,000 dollars, and your attorney fees are 40% percent, then they get paid $40,000 dollars, and you get to keep the remaining $60,000. 

    The percentage varies from injury attorney to injury attorney, so make sure that you ask about it before you commit to working with a law firm.

    What if I Lose?

    What about if you lose the case, though? In that scenario, you don’t owe your personal injury attorney anything. 

    It’s a phrase that has been coined as “no win no fee” and means that if you don’t win any money from the case, then your attorney doesn’t get paid. 

    Not only is this a good thing for your financial situation, but its incentives your attorney to go above and beyond to get your claim through court and for the maximum amount. 

    How Does My Case Get Through?

    Getting a case through court is a tricky business, which is why personal injury attorneys charge a high percentage of the winnings. 

    Without going into the legal lingo of it all, there are four specific criteria that your case needs to fulfill in order to be considered a personal injury case. 

    The first is that the accident must have occurred within the last two years. If you are trying to claim for a sprained ankle you received as a child in the Georgia Aquarium, then you’re not going to have much luck. 

    Not only is there a distinct lack of evidence for cases like this, but it is also unreasonable to seek compensation so many years after the impact of the injury. 

    The second criterion that must be fulfilled is that there must be a specific third party whose negligence is responsible for the accident. 

    You can’t put in a claim against the wind because you tripped over a branch that blew off a tree, for example. 

    However, it doesn’t have to be a sole individual that is responsible. An entire organization’s negligence can be responsible for the accident, which is often the case in workplace-related personal injury cases. 

    The final criterion is that the defending party must actually have the means to pay the compensation that you’re entitled to. Most of the time, this is going to be covered by the party’s insurance carrier, but it can become complicated if that isn’t the case. 

    If you have any worries or concerns about these requirements, give our experienced personal injury lawyers a call for your free consultation, and one of our attorneys can walk you through your case step by step.

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    Common FAQs

    We hear questions from clients all the time. Whether it be during free consultations, from emails, or from clients that we are already working with, everyone has something that they need to know. 

    Often times, these things are the same, so we’ve put together a list down below of a few common questions that we get asked. 

    What if It Was Both Our Faults?

    If the accident was both your faults, then it becomes a contributory negligence case. In this scenario, both of you are going to have to pay compensation to the other proportional to how much blame each of you holds. Your personal injury attorney can go into more detail with you depending on your specific case and its facts.

    How Long is the Case Going to Take

    How long a case takes depends on the complication of it. However, a typical personal injury case can be settled within six to 12 months on average. 

    Is My Insurance Going to be Affected?

    Your insurance premium can be affected, even if you’re not the one that caused the accident. This typically happens in hit and runs, where there is no party to lay the blame on, which is why it’s so important that you get the responsible party’s details or at the very least license plate number. 

    The Wrap Up

    The Personal Injury Attorneys at The Brown Firm believe creating a strong attorney-client relationship through great customer service. Our attorneys work hard to get you the settlement you deserve from your injury case.

    If you have any other questions about how personal injury attorneys in Atlanta get paid, give The Brown Firm a call to speak with one of our team about a free consultation. We can answer any queries that you might have.

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