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How Much Does It Cost To Hire an Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer?

Have you recently been injured in a Car Accident in Atlanta, Georgia?

If you have ever been in a serious car accident or done research about what to do after an car crash, it is clear that one of the most beneficial steps you can take is hiring a Car Accident Attorney.

You should never fight your legal battles alone. So the next question is, how much does it cost you to hire an Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer? For Atlanta residents, The Brown Firm operates on a "contingency fee."

Let's discuss exactly what that is.

What is a Contingency Fee? 

Car Accident Atlanta Lawyer Contingency Fee

The basis of a contingency fee for Car Wreck Attorneys is that your lawyer will agree to represent you in your legal case with the firm understanding that they will not collect any form of payment or fee until the case is resolved in your favor.

"In your favor" can be defined as:

  1. An Auto Accident Settlement you receive from the at-fault party's insurance company or
  2. The judge awards in your favor at court after the car accident

With these terms in mind, your lawyer will work diligently on your case, consider their entire payment relies upon them being able to successfully complete their job and win your case.

When you hire a lawyer who works under a contingency fee agreement, you can rest easy knowing that your attorney will be doing everything in their power to ensure you receive a quick and significant settlement offer.


How Costs Are Handled During a Lawsuit

While you will no have to pay up-front for your lawyer or fees associated with the accident, it is critical that you always read the fine print when hiring an attorney so you are completely aware what you'll be responsible for.

In most cases, costs will be absorbed by the lawyer as the present themselves, and whenever you receive your court aware or settlement, those costs will be deducted along with the agreed contingency fee percentage from the final amount that you receive.

Important note: make sure that when you hire an attorney that even if your case is unsuccessful you will not be held responsible to pay for costs.

What is a Common Contingency Fee Percentage? 

The contingency fee percentage that an attorney receives often varies from state to state.

Typically, contingency fees in Atlanta, Georgia range from 25-40% with an average of one-third (33%).

Many personal injury attorneys base their contingency fee percentage based upon when your case is resolved. Here is an example:

  • 25% if the case is settled BEFORE the lawsuit requires being filed.
  • 33% if the lawsuit is filed, but the case settles BEFORE a trial takes place.
  • 40% if your case has to go to trial. 

We highly recommend speaking with your Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer about the specific contingency fee before signing a binding contract. Do not be afraid to ask them to coherently explain, in detail, what the contingency fee will be under each circumstance.

If anything in the contract does not seem clear, do not sign the papers. 

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